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I: Incomplete Policy. An instructor may issue an I(Incomplete) Grade when the following conditions apply:

  • A student was still registered for the class after the official withdrawal date;
  • A student satisfactorily (grade of 2.0 or higher) completed at least 80 percent of the total coursework but was not able to complete all coursework due to extenuating circumstances;
  • A student and instructor have agreed on a date of completion to occur within the following 12 months;
  • A student and instructor have completed an “Incomplete Grade Contract” and submitted to Registration.

The I will be converted to a numerical grade or CR/NC upon completion of the course requirements. If the I is not removed through the completion of the requirements after 12 months, it will be converted to the grade earned, as shown on the “Incomplete Grade Contract.” This converted grade may not be changed. If an I grade is submitted and the instructor and student fail to file an Incomplete Grade Contract within one quarter, the grade will automatically convert to a 0.0.